Legacy Foundation staff are available to provide technical assistance in technology innovation; training; participatory development; program and project design, development, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation; and curriculum development.

Staff have extensive consulting experience with the United Nations Development Program, The Swedish International Development Authority, the United Nations Capital Development Fund, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, USAID, the World Health Organization, Plan International, CARE, the European Union, The Red Cross, The Center for Disease Control and numerous non-government and private institutions.

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The other means of spreading the technology has been through the development and provision of the Legacy Foundation technical training and applications manuals. These have been developed to allow for the independent self reliant development of briquette production projects and facilities. The manuals cover important aspects of the agro-residue fuel briquette technology and were developed based on over twenty years experience in the field and the lab.

Manual titles include Porta Press™: A Users Manual, Porta Press™: Construction Manual, Fuel Briquette Press Kit: A Construction Manual, Briquette making: A User's Manual, Fuel Briquettes; A Trainer's Manual and Fuel Briquettes: Theory and Applications from Around the World, The TMC Operations Manual and the TMC Construction Manual.

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Legacy Foundation has over 15 years experience with development and application of a variety of technologies including: solar heating systems, rural and village water supply, wind energy, rural transportation, and low cost housing. Through this, we have designed and developed of a wide range of sustainable technologies in renewable energy, water supply, sanitation and rural transport. Some of these have included ground breaking designs in windmills, Water pump, biogas generators, passive solar heaters and bicycle trailers for rural medical transport.

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In order to create mass awareness for environmental problems and demonstrate solutions , we rely heavily on media promotion through videos, multimedia and the internet. We believe that only when people are fully aware of the scope of a problem, are they able to participate in creating solutions. Legacy partners with Mike Stanley Productions, a multi- faceted production facility, to provide videos and new media projects.

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