In order to create mass awareness for environmental problems and demonstrate solutions , we rely heavily on media promotion through videos, multimedia and the internet. We believe that only when people are fully aware of the scope of a problem, are they able to participate in creating solutions. Legacy partners with Mike Stanley Productions, a multi- faceted production facility, to provide videos and new media projects.

Over 15 development films have been produced internationally in Malawi, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Peru and rural Alaska, covering environmental conservation, policies and practices for sustainable development, health and agro forestry.

Clients have included the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, the International Federation of the Red Cross, USAID, the European Union, the Alaska Public Schools, US Government Refugee Services and various non-governmental organisations. Visit for a complete list of credits and services.

Our Foundation is well equipped to provide full media support for marketing or documentation of your program or product. This includes: co- scripting, sound and video production, editing and post production. The media is digital video. Legacy Foundation’s media productions prove highly effective in promoting public awareness, stimulating effective national development policy and mobilizing resources.

Foundation base costs include two person-months on site plus another person-month for editing and production of up to 20 professionally dubbed and packaged copies. Add two return trips from Legacy Foundation home office and local expenses for two persons, each for 30 days on site. Cost determined on a case by case basis.

Contact us or for more information on our media programs.