Ratchet Press Users Manual


The Ratchet Press Users Manual provides basic information about the press and briquette making and detailed directions on operation, use and maintenance of the Ratchet Press

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Product Description

The Ratchet Press is a high pressure, compact, easily assembled, transported operated and maintained briquette press. Using common tools and skills, the Ratchet Press can work for an individual or full time commercial briquette production facility. Though it is is compact and portable, it can deliver nearly the same force as the larger Mini Bryant compound lever wood press sold through the Legacy Foundation website.

The Ratchet Press is adaptable to varying work environments and is able to rest or stand on quasi- tripod-like-feet or with no feet at all – tied or bolted onto any vertical surface,

The Ratchet Press has evolved as a briquette making tool for the following markets;

• the more urban /peri-urban areas where storage and ease of use are important
• where many briquettes have to be produced quickly and when the machine has to be working intensively
• the more remote areas which do not have easy transport
• aid or refugee organizations which require immediate production start up in difficult working conditions

We would not see The Ratchet Press’s niche in the poorer villages where wood resources are available for press making.

The Ratchet Press User’s Manual includes:

• Basic information about the Ratchet Press
• Detailed directions for the Ratchet Press operation
• Information on how to make briquettes using the Ratchet Press
• The use and re-use of water in the Ratchet Press briquette making process
• Production output and work organization
• Incorporation of a washer for increased briquette outputs


Legacy Foundation welcomes your replication and modification and sale of our Ratchet Press in your local market area. In fact, we can help you by referring new enquiries in your area and by broadcasting your own innovations to the briquette community. We would like to partner with you for such enterprises so that we can continue to build the briquette network. We would cover our costs in such enterprises through the sale of the user’s manual which should accompany the sale of your press. The Foundation does not, however authorize the mass production of the press or this manual for persons outside your immediate market /service area , without prior discussion and mutual agreement.