Mini Thresher Masher Chopper Construction Manual

The Mini Thresher Masher Chopper – Hand Grinder

The Mini Thresher Masher Chopper – Hand Grinder

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Product Description

The Mini Thresher Masher Chopper – Hand Grinder – is a device designed to reduce ordinary grass, straw, leaves, stems, twigs, husks, shells, etc., into shredded confetti sized particles – the essence of biomass briquettes.

The particles are not only chopped, but scuffed/roughened up a bit to expose their natural fibers where present. It is these fibers, when softened, saturated and randomly intermingles with the matrix material and other fibers, which to the binding in this form of biomass briquette. Materials such as the above and even waste paper, carton board or certain types of plastic, when chopped and roughened in this fashion form the raw feedstock for blending together biomass briquettes in the wet, low pressure ambient temperature process being promoted.

The process by which these fibers and other combustibles granular materials are blended and tested is detailed in the Legacy Foundations Users Producers Manual. The raw ingredients in this form are essential to the process. This construction manual combined with other manuals available on the Legacy Foundation website, allow the producer to start and maintain a biomass production business.    We provide online technical support while you construct the thresher masher chopper