Briquette Marketing Manual


The Legacy Foundation Briquette Services Marketing Manual is written for the Briquette Producer and Briquette Trainer Business.  Use of this manual should support marketing of briquettes and briquette training services for increased exposure and income

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Product Description

This manual is written for fuel briquette producers and trainers, with a focus on those working in countries in the global South. The manual was written to be extremely user friendly and includes a full set of blank forms from every exercise so that the user can easily follow the steps to devise their own marketing strategy. The manual gives the briquette producer and trainer guidance and ideas on how to plan a marketing strategy, with creative, low cost examples. Throughout the manual two examples are used – one for the briquette producer business and the other for the briquette training business. Each group will be able to learn how to develop a practical marketing plan for their business.

The steps included in the manual to Create a Marketing Plan include:

• Gather Marketing Knowledge
• Summarizing the Business Strategy
• Deciding on Marketing Tools
• The Marketing Content: Marketing Message(s)
• Evaluating Marketing Efforts and Learning from Them
• The Marketing Campaign Calendar

Each chapter includes:

• A narrative about the topic
• A scenario that provides a real life example of a briquette marketing situation
• Suggested exercises to do, related to each topic
• Examples of how these exercises can be done

The reader can either read the full handbook, or use a particular section based on their individual or organizational needs using the exercises as a guide.