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TMC-1™ Operations Manual

TMC-1™ Operations Manual

TMC-1™ Operations Manual

Conventional hand pounding of agro residues and commercially pressed waste materials consumes more than half of the total of overall labor and time invested in the local biomass briquette production process.

The TMC helps to decrease that labor to effectively increase production output by up to 50% while greatly reducing the drudgery of the overall effort. It is the ideal piece of equipment for the serious production team working in a competitive subsistence environment.

It reduces a wide variety of leaves grasses straws waste paper husks stalks etc., to cornflake sized bits with simple oscillating rotational motion. Using one or two operators, a properly made TMC will process up to 300 Kgs of material—sufficient for up to three production teams—a day.

The machine is designed for either portable or stationary use. In either form, and depending upon the materials used in fabrication, it will weigh approximately 65 to 75 Kgs. When collapsed for transport or shipping, the TMC-1™ occupies the dimensions of a rectangular box of 38cm depth, X 61cm height X 65 cm length.

This hand-operated device has been developed and tested over the past four years in East Africa.

The manual is downloadable as a pdf.

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