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 The RATCHET PRESS Construction Manual provides detailed plans and drawing for limited small scale manufacturing of the Ratchet Press.

Individual price: $45.00

 The Ratchet Press Users Manual provides basic information about the press  and briquette making and detailed directions on operation, use and maintenance of the Ratchet Press. 

Individual price: $45.00

The Legacy Foundation Briquette Services Marketing Manual is written for the Briquette Producer and Briquette Trainer Business.  Use of this manual should support marketing of briquettes and briquette training services for increased exposure and income.

Individual price: $45.00
Fuel Briquette Wood Lever Press: A Construction Manual (PDF)

This manual describes how to make the hand press for briquette making.

Individual price: $25.00
Briquette Making: A Users Manual (PDF)

This manual is a step-by-step guide for briquette production by an individual or small group.

Individual price: $25.00
Fuel Briquettes: A Trainer's Manual (PDF)

This manual presents essential l information on how to plan organize and manage a briquette production training event by an NGO or development organization

Individual price: $45.00
Fuel Briquettes: The Theory and Applications From Around the World (PDF)

This guide concentrates on the more technical aspects of briquetting.

Individual price: $35.00
SPECIAL: Full set of four manuals (PDF)

Fuel Briquette Press Kit: A Construction Manual, Briquette Making: A Users Manual, Fuel Briquettes: A Trainer's Manual, and Fuel Briquettes: The Theory and Applications From Around the World.

Individual price: $85.00
TMC-1™ Construction Manual

The TMC-1™ is a hand operated Thresher Masher Chopper.  It is designed to be made from local resources and provides a complete way to chop and grand materials for biomass briquette construction.

Individual price: $40.00
TMC-1™ Operations Manual

The TMC frees up that labor to effectively increase production output by up to 50% while greatly reducing the drudgery of the overall effort.

Individual price: $35.00
SPECIAL: Order both TMC Construction and the Operators Manuals in PDF

This includes both the TMC-1™ Operations Manual and TMC-1™ Construction Manual in PDF

Individual price: $70.00
Porta Press™: A Users Manual

This manual describes how to operate and maintain the Porta Press™

Individual price: $20.00